Trey is 8 Months Old

8 Months Old.
My goodness.
Trey is so sweet and adorable.
I would say he's a little bit of a Momma's boy, or just "likes to be held" boy.
He can now:
Sit up
(he has been for almost a month)
Smack his lips
Yell "BA BA BA BA BA!"
Roll both ways
Loves to eat solids
(crackers, dry cereal, veggie puffs, toast, rice husks)

I could not resist these videos.
The first is just playing with Kevin, as soon as he see's the camera he stops acting natural.

The second is my FAV. He has the "Hammond" earlobes. Kevin's Grandpa had ears to his shoulders by the time he passed away. Kevin has the same ears, and now so does Trey. We were driving home from Boise and they were flapping and jiggling! I died laughing. When he was a newborn while I burped him they would do the same. I love them


Vanessa Goertzen said...

He is so cute! He and Olive can be friends!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Happy 8 Months!! OH my Goodness his ears! soo cute!

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