Like brother
like brother
Brothers being brothers.
I am glad they love each other.
I love them.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awww! so cute! i love trey's little bumbum in that photo! cute, cute boys!

Brynne said...

So cute and classic!! They will be great friends. Awesome. This makes me excited to add another brother to our little mix. :)

The Crebs Family said...

Hey fellow Utah friend! I just read like a million of your posts to catch up, and I SO feel ya on the whole house hunting thing. I have had a stomach ache for weeks. The only thing I like about the house we are ending up with is that it makes it so I don't have to look at any more! (And I get a craft room, so I guess it was worth it...maybe) Now all the paperwork has begun and I am ready to run away and hide and just rent forever. I am excited to paint, and it looks like you are too!

mstalcup said...

OMG - so stinking cute!

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