Just a sample

Please forgive me.
I am in a FOUL mood.
I know, I know. Shocker.
I could possibly be extra sarcastic today, but what do you care?

Here is a sample of our entry way.
I will soon want a bench on the left ($$$)
I will also want my coat rack hung behind the door (Honey do, but he's always working)
and the 2 frames on the table still need to be hung.
(I need to re-do the hangy thingy on the back, it's in the wrong spot)
Kevin is obsessed with his new lawn.
Which is cool, cause Cody is too.
I kinda can't wait til winter that way I can put him to work INSIDE doing the crap that I want done first, but everything in it's time right?
Another perk of our house is that we are surrounded by mountains and I have the sweetest view of the sky. I mean really, if it's a nice day, I can see clouds like this.
Or yesterday when it was stormy and such, I had the best view of the lightning.

You can the the top of the back of my house here. What do you think?
My kids didn't feel like having there pictures taken.
Do they ever?
Kevin worked all day Saturday and Sunday so we did our usual routine alone.
(D.I., Fries and a diet coke, maybe walmart, and go home)
I wasn't kidding.
My hair is dark...this is no wig.
And it's nearly my natural color....
Therefore I am no longer a poser.
I thought I would do it before my new ward knew me as a blond.
The end.


Kourtney said...

I'm loving the dark! It looks so cute!!

Mrs. Mandy said...

love you! love your hair! love your style! and thanks for posting a pic of our tinsy tiny addition to your home cuteness...glad you like it and it seems to fit well.

mstalcup said...

Love Love the dark hair - looks awesome! I cannot wait to see the full tour of your home - the sneaks peeks are awesome - looks good, my friend.

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

If its any consolation, your front entry way looks like something out of a magazine, I love the front door and the stairway and your hair is gorgeous, you ROCK dark hair!! x

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

can't wait to see the rest! is taht table BLUE??!? how cute!

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