No one told me

Let me give you a piece of advice if you have never purchased a home.

You are buying a never ending 'TO DO' list.

Which is good and bad. I mean it won't end, but it IS yours to do what you want with.

Also I doubt your husband will be pleased at the length of his 'HONEY DO' list....
Kevin has one I've made him, but apparently has his own list too....what the..?

I want to show you my house, but I don't feel like it's presentable yet!

Here is a small tease for you. Just a sample. I bet you can guess who's room that is, and if you guessed the master you are very wrong.

Also please note that I am going to make this hat today. I need to man up and buy the pattern but it will be done.

Any thoughts?


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

so fun!! love the colours of that room!!! and that little hat is freaking cute!!! wanna make me one? would be great for little infant photo shoots!! sorry we couldn't hang out before our big move, wish we could have! when I visit utah next I will be sure to email you and plan a get together!! Husband and I just bought our first house :) and I totally understand the ongoing "TO DO" list but Im excited to make it ours and paint!!

Teresa Farmer said...

We have been in our house for 3 years now and we still have a never ending to do list. Good job on that paint job. So cute! I suck at painting and if I ever have another baby I want you to crochet them a hat. That hat is adorable!

Liz and Grant said...

Yep, It never ends, but if the people who own houses told the people trying to get a house this, we would be labled as ungrateful. We thought that the big expense was saving up to get into the house, and then you realize you need all the crap for the yard, cute furniture and decorations (because when you've waited this long you sure as heck aren't going to let your house be just "ok" inside- It has to be spectacular). Good luck! We're almost 2 years in and we still have a list, but it's finally easing up a bit. I want to see pictures, give us some details, but I totally understand not wanting to show the world until it's just right- I still haven't officially "unveiled" our house for the same reason, however I'm pretty sure most people know what it looks like by now. You'll get there!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute BSU room!

mstalcup said...

We have been in our house for 6 years and STILL HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! Ugh! Takes time and MONEY. We have done a lot to the house but I'm want everything else to be done - like yesterday! HA!


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