3 birds, 1 stone.

I just have to say that even though Kevin is working 100 plus hours each week I am trying to find the positive side of it.

He's got to be looking good to his boss, and learning a lot, he always never has to do a thing in the home, so that's got to be a relief.y

I am finding that the more he is working, the more I have to step up as a Mother.

I've been playing a lot more.
and cleaning A LOT less.

Trying with my every fiber to be better.

This is why they are both covered in dirt, chocolate, and sidewalk chalk.
When I am not attempting to be SUPER MOOOOM, I relax, and try to forget about any laundry.

Luckily one of the best feature of our entire house is our huge jetted tub....

A variety of bubble baths...
Nice glass of water and some reading material.....
That's better.

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She Ra Princess of Milk said...

Just the way little boys should look :)!!! and Im soooo jealous of that tub! Mine looks like a cereal bowl by comparison! Dont be too hard on yourself though, its tough work being a sahm even when your husband is around alot let alone when hes having to work all the hours that God has sent him. Enjoy your baths and be kind to yourself because its obvious how much you care about your family x

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