If you enjoy

If you enjoy endure the following:

Sleepless nights
Going days without a shower
Watching "Cars" 8 times in a row
Sweeping and Mopping to have it be destroyed by a juice box within minutes..
Flooded bathrooms from splashing
Never ending laundry
Face first tantrums in the middle of the store
Constant Whining, even in a speaking voice
Asking for a certain food, then refusing to eat it
Beating on their siblings
Never ending crumbs sticking to your feet
Always sporting some kind of mess on your clothes
Putting a diaper on a moving object
Sharing all your treats
Never getting a moment alone to think...

Then you are a Mother, and some days are harder than hard...

If you enjoy the following:

Hearing the very rare and occasional "I laauuve SUZ"
Fixing an owie
Constant companion
Never ending love
Being the 'horsey' they can ride
sidewalk chalk
Bubble baths
Swings at the park
Inflatable bounce houses
Having a "helper"
The rare moments when sharing is done without asking
Convincing them that "tangled" is a movie about a horse
Dancing in the kitchen
Eating half of their treat
Using secret phrases like frozen milk aka ice cream
Silly Kid books
Being asked to Seat Seat with them
Hunting down the ice cream truck

Then you are a Mommy, and you know it's all worth it.
This post was brought to you by The Code and T Money.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

being a mom is seriously one of the hardest things ever but one of the most rewarding things ever, huh!!?? i love your posts! you keep it real and remind me that i am not the ONLY one feeling that way!!!

what cute kids!


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

What a cute post! Loved it!

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