Most Days {daily life}

Most days we never get dressed, unless leaving the house.
Most days I find a reason to bake, or to eat a treat or 5.
Most days I put away 2 diet sodas.
Most days I lose it at my 2 year old son.
Most days I vacuum.
Most days I avoid laundry, and never learn my lesson.
Most days I say 'I'll do that after the kids go to bed', and don't.
Most days we watch too much tv.
Most days I should take a nap, but avoid it.
Most days I do dishes, just to re do them over and over and over and over...
Most days I wish I would excercise, but think, I'll start that next week.
Most days I'd be happy eating nothing but tacos and chocolate chip cookies.
Most days I let Cody have a fruit snack or 2 if he tells me he loves me.
Most days I notice the 1 inch thick layer of dust on the ceiling fan I should probably clean.
Most days I get jealous of another.
What do you do 'Most Days'?


Stephanie said...


ditto on the fan dust

Liz and Grant said...

Wow, our days are almost identical. I think that it's just part of being a mom. There are a few really good, really precious moments, and a whole lot of crap (literally sometimes) and enduring it all.

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Most days here are about the same as yours :)

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