Wasn't all bad!
I got called "Old Lady" about 8 times.
But you know, it's cool.

Kevin returned home from work at 8 am on Sunday morning so my Birthday didn't start until four o clock that afternoon when he woke.

We had Kyle and Kourtney over for Terriaki chicken cabobs including pineapple, red bell peppers, and onions. Kevin also grilled us corn on the cob...hmmmm......

One of my new friends in the ward made me an ice cream cake, I know right?

My brother and sister in law, annnd my sister in law came by and brought me goodies.

How lucky I am to be surround by these people.
Once the sun went down we headed outside so Kevin and Kyle could play....
Hmmmm FEAST!
Swinging with my Code.....yes he is pants free...
I love my family.
I also love that in this picture Cody has no pants and Trey is wearing nothing but his dinner.
We are a classy bunch up in here.


Redneck Lover said...

Aww completely forgot you mentioned your birthday. Blame the kids, the work, the dishes, the cookie bars in the oven now...I'll share with you though, I know how you love chocolate chip cookies. Happy Birthday late

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

I love that family shot!!! Charlies always just in his diaper :) and you look lovely for your birthday.... Im going to make corn on the cob like that tonight in a salute to Suzi Q :D

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