how to: Enjoy a Saturday night in {alone}

1. Gather supplies to prepare a healthy snack.
2. Start preparing healthy snack.
3. Put healthy snack altogether and behold it's glory.
4. Devour healthy snack, but make sure it smears all across your face, and hands, and shirt.
Totally worth it.

1 comment:

Laura said...

sooo we went camping ooooh like middle of June so we had left over marshmellows and grahms and chocolate.. well Patrick is training for a tri (he had one this past weekend) and so this last week or two he wanted to just "watch a little more what he ate" not a diet, but just not junk food... welllll so that meant at our last gstore trip we def didn't buy anything that tasted good.. remind you I never agreed to want or TO participate in any of this "healthyness" so I think those smores in our pantry saved me, bad thing is I would normally have like some goldfish or somethan like that as an afternoon snack but since the only thing we had was an apple or a smore of course I chose the smore... and again after dinner... so that bag of leftover marshmellows is no longer, I dont think "healthy" is a good plan for me it ends up going the other way haha

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