Trey turns 1

It's nearly impossible to believe an entire year has gone before my eyes.
Geez Louise!
August 4th Trey turned 1.
We had a small Toy Story themed birthday party for him.
(He loves Woody, Cody loves buzz, it just works)

Cupcakes for everyone, rainbow chip of coarse.
Missy and I
(Trey's girlfriend's Mom)
He totally loved opening gifts.
Cody kindly requested to "foo" Trey's candle (blow it out).
And we decided they could share the cake.

Why not right?
Cody leaned over to take a bite + Kevin stuffed his face = Epic Fail
Nom Nom NOM!
My face was also stuffed in the cake as well.
My 2 boys and I were COVERED in chocolate cake.
Happy Birthday Trey!
We love you more than ever.
You make the perfect addition into our family, and this year with you has been a treat.
I love you Tree.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you are SO stinking SKINNY hot momma!!!

happy birthday little dude!

Lori Killian said...

Hey, Brooklyn's birthday is August 4th too! Awesome. Looks like fun! I love that last picture!

erica said...

Wow! I can't believe Trey is already one! What a little stud muffin!

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