Best Day ever.

My cousin invited me to go and play for the day with their family, my Grandma, and my Aunt while they were in Salem. Did I go? Yes I did!

I feel like in this picture you would have no doubt that we all are related...
We "hiked" Payson Canyon to this pretty waterfall.
The whole trail was covered in mud and wet leaves, and that I loved because it smelled like fall. Hmmm..
Afterwards we went to a park for some lunch.
Hot and Ready's of coarse.
Trey decided they tasted better while doing yoga.
On our way to the Santaquin Pumpkin Patch Trey passed out.
Which is cool because then he allowed others to hold him.
Thank you Mandy!
Are there words?

We went in search for the perfect pumpkins.
And at last we found the 2 perfect little ones.
While watching for our hay ride to come back we played in this stellar truck.
AND ended the day with a treat.
(And no pants of coarse)
Although once we got home we had to paint the pumpkins, of coarse.
The end.


Kourtney said...

How fun! I'm excited for Avery to be old enough to enjoy fall stuff like that. Your boys are looking so much alike!

Ashlee said...

Oh how much fun :) I am getting ready to go to the pumpkin patch soon and I am super excited about it! I love October because of this very reason! :)

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