Foot Luxuries

For some reason pregnancy makes my feet feel like bread dough rising in a small shoe box. I will be the first one to tell you that I hate crocs. I think they are super ugly, and if I want to wear something that comfortable, I would rather do a tenny shoe. When I started working where I had to stand all day long, I gave in. I found these little cuties at the croc keyosk. These are work only shoes, so don't think that I have completely crossed over into the dark side. Then the flip flops I bought 2 summers ago, and can never live without. The sad thing is that they were once super cute, but being leather have completely stretched, and with my awesome posture I have warped the souls! Oh ps, don't mind the mosquito bites I picked up in Boise.

1 comment:

Walker Family said...

Love those shoes. . .too bad they aren't american eagle!

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