Pizza Picnic

There is nothing my boys love more than Daybreak and their parks.  Luckily we live close and little caesars makes the picnic part easy.

 This picture describes Cody and my relationship perfectly.


The end.

Saylor's 1 Year Pic

We finally splurged and bought a Cannon Rebel T5 EOS Camera.
Now that I have it I wonder why I waited so long!
Its a..mazing!

It was such a windy afternoon which was killing my unrealistic expectations.  
But I think we did pretty well.
Not to mention that my sweet baby has such a poker face.
And never laughs.
Like ever.
I am so funny her standards are too high. 


Saylor's Birth Story

MARCH 21st
I had a regular OB check up and this is when I requested to have my membranes stripped.  I normally wouldn't but since I can't be induced I wanted to make sure I had a shot of giving birth soon.  Kevin's Mom had spring break the following week and the timing would have been perfect.  My blood pressure was high and I had lost 2 lbs.  I knew it was coming soon.
everyone was getting ready for church as usual...I noticed how emotional my boys seemed to be and the thought crossed my mind "I wonder if the baby is coming today...". During relief society I was having 4 to 5 contractions but tried not to get my hopes up (Friday I had my membranes stripped to try and trigger labor since you can't be induced with a vbac). We had dinner and headed to the park by then I was having 7 to 9 contractions an hour but even still knew it could just be a tease. 
After we put our boys to bed I went for a long walk around the neighborhood to see if we could speed things up or if it didn't make a difference.  I was having 11-13/hour so I came home and showered.  By the time 1 am rolled around I wasn't noticing any huge difference so I went to sleep.  THANK GOODNESS my body let me sleep.  This did not happen with Trey.  I was up all dang night.  
5:00 a.m.  Kevin woke for work and asked if he should drive to work or drive me to the hospital.  I told him to shower and I'd go for a walk to see if I was still having contractions.  I sure was.  Even the "bloody show" tmi.  Which I had been having for a few days.  I came home defeated and not sure what to do.  I wasn't hurting bad...even though they were consistent I was doing fine.  I laid on my side in bed (my 5 am walk was freezing...) said a quick prayer and then heard a POP.  Loud.  I was startled but just assumed maybe her head moved down in the birth canal or something??  I was confused.  Kevin and I chatted for a few more minutes then I stood.....GUSH.  My water had broken when I was laying there.  I kept squeeling "Kevin I am peeing!  Oh wait I am not...What!?"  
I sent out a text to a good friend of mine to see if she was even awake and was willing to take my boys for the day until Kevin's parents could arrive.  Thank goodness she did.  And off to the hospital we went.  
I was still a little concerned that they would send me home.   Or because my water broke and I wasn't hurting through my contractions that I would end up having a repeat c section when a vbac was my goal.  Around 8 am my doctor showed up and I was so excited to see him.  My other two boys were delivered by on call dr's.  They broke the second membrane? of my water.  Even bigger GUSH.  Yum.  Little lady had meconium.  CRAP.  She pooped in the womb.  Not a huge deal but they have to have a respitory therapist on hand at delivery to make sure she is okay.  
Around 10 am my contractions were getting painful...and fast.  I was starting to sweat and shake...even swear at times... I thought to myself ...I'll get an epidural at 12...I can make it to 12..  I was so wrong.  I don't remember being in so much pain.  I am not a natural labor kinda gal either....3 contractions later I paged the nurse and said "I GIVE UP.  HELP ME!".  I am sure it was humorous.  By 11 they started my epidural.....I probably squeezed Kevin's poor arm off.  I feel bad now.  AHHHHH relief!!!  Then....my vision started getting cloudy.  What the...I had enough time to say "somethings not right..." then started passing out I assume.  Nurse came running in and strapped me with an oxygen mask...then I got medicine in my iv.  Apparently my blood pressure dropped to 50/30.....yeah kinda scary.  I took a nap and was fine after that.
I was able to relax the rest of the afternoon for the most part.  My legs were half asleep half awake...pins and needles style.  Which meant that I just wanted to move them...and I could.  So it felt like restless leg but with pins and needles....annoying.  
By 4 ish then nurses came in to check me and said that I was close...I had been shifting side to side trying to progress quicker.  Once I was at a 10 we did some practice pushes.To say that I was terrified at this point is a understatement.  What if I had to push for 3 hours again with no success??  Cody's labor has scared me for life I swear it.  Practice push number 1 success.  Push number two was cut short.  The baby was already well on her way out.  Then we waited around for my dr. I had close to 10 people in that room and all were medical staff.  Once dr arrived we chatted for a moment while he got ready and got the party started.  I was seriously freaking out on the inside.  He even stopped to ask if I was okay because I was quiet...which if you know me at all....not normal.  
Deep breath....chin to chest...bare down...and PUUUUUUUUUSH....
"Stop pushing!" Her head was out.  He suctioned her and pulled her out...she was swept off to be checked for breathing and the meconium business....
It was that easy.  I couldn't believe it.
4:55 pm  
6 lbs 10 oz and 18 inches long.
Kevin and Dr Empey guessed she was 6 lbs 8 oz.  So close.
She is sooooo sweet.  Longest fingers and toes.  My nose.  She really looks like a girl version of Trey.

Due to the meconium she spent a lot of time in the nursery being monitored and had to be on antibiotics.  So therefore I stopped by the nursery a lot to visit and chat it up with the nurses.  
She wasn't named until 1 am or so.  
Saylor Anne Hammond
The Anne is short for Suzanne...
She's been a really good eater and sleeper but during waking hours likes to be held constantly.  
No really.  She will let you know it's not okay that you put her down.  
But we love our little diva.

Sunday Afternoon...last pregnant picture.
Checking in
Shortly after my blood pressure had dropped....I thought I was dying....
Our girl!
Miss Say Say
Snuggles Snuggles and Snuggles.
I cannot thank all my friends any family enough for all the help, and love, meals...everything.  It's been overwhelming and I couldn't be happier.  


BUMP pics

I thought I should properly document this pregnancy or I know I'll regret it.

16 weeks
 20 weeks, hence the hump day..
 24 weeks
 28 weeks
Shortly after this I got a new phone and haven't uploaded anything since.


Trey's Narcolepsy (continued)

Let me be clear, Trey does not have narcolepsy.  He's just too busy to sleep.  And he won't sleep until his body forces him to do so, and it's usually when he just passes out.  Usually it's an afternoon drive to go pick Cody up from preschool, or something like that.  I think I'll start taking a daily trip somewhere (anywhere) at 1:30 just so he'll have a rest!

 Even when he sleeps his eyes are open.  No joke, I will close then, then they will re open....

We love him, but truly do wish he would sleep more, especially at night, and in his own bed.

Trey turns 3

August 4th my Tree turned 3!  
He's so handsome.  He's smart as heck too, keeping up with Cody.
Let me just say he has a bit of a temper and his tantrums are DEATH.  They happen a lot more often than I will let you know, but thanks to modern meds I remain calm ;)  
He's not that great of a sleeper but it's because he can't stand to miss anything.  Gave up napping before he turned two.  Although he has his narcolepsy naps all the time, they aren't by choice.  He sneaks out of bed at night and sits on his Dad's lap until we go to bed.  THEN he will go to sleep.  But within a couple hours I find him in our bed, on our floor, in the hallway, you name it.  And always is awake within 5 minutes of Cody waking (who went to bed 1-2 hours earlier!).
He just doesn't want to miss out on anything!  I love him for that.  And just let him rest once he passes out.  
He loves play dough, cars, monsters university, engine turtles (ninja turtles), flash cards, basketball shorts, baths, riding his trike, and coloring.

We love you Tree!


This would be our 4th winter of Cody getting a cold, then coughing until he vomits.  Over and over.  Lingers and lingers until I want to scream.  I couldn't take it anymore.  We'd been in to see the instacare too many times without any real answers.  
I called our Dr, and went in with guns blazing.  I said I wasn't leaving until we had it figured out, and that I was fed up and so very frustrated (we'd never seen this dr for Cody's cough before).  I wanted it clear that this was to be resolved.  
He was SO nice about it.  Instantly started listening to his lungs, then pulled me over to listen.  Cody was wheezing like crazy but you couldn't hear it on the outside.  We did a breathing treatment with albuterol and then a chest x-ray.  All the pockets in his lungs were swollen and made it hard for him to breathe.   Poor thing.  His left lung even had signs on pnenomonia :(
To be clear this was his only symptom.  Just coughing.  
 He looks happy here but wasn't pleased when he heard I couldn't be in the room for the x-ray.  Some nice nurses kept Trey for me with games, stickers, and suckers.  What a relief!

 Once the x-ray was going he was a total peach!  Wheh!  

We now have two inhalers for Cody, and the coughing went away almost instantly, and hasn't been back since.  I am SO grateful for modern medicine and answers!  And relieved my Cody feels better.
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