BUMP pics

I thought I should properly document this pregnancy or I know I'll regret it.

16 weeks
 20 weeks, hence the hump day..
 24 weeks
 28 weeks
Shortly after this I got a new phone and haven't uploaded anything since.


Trey's Narcolepsy (continued)

Let me be clear, Trey does not have narcolepsy.  He's just too busy to sleep.  And he won't sleep until his body forces him to do so, and it's usually when he just passes out.  Usually it's an afternoon drive to go pick Cody up from preschool, or something like that.  I think I'll start taking a daily trip somewhere (anywhere) at 1:30 just so he'll have a rest!

 Even when he sleeps his eyes are open.  No joke, I will close then, then they will re open....

We love him, but truly do wish he would sleep more, especially at night, and in his own bed.

Trey turns 3

August 4th my Tree turned 3!  
He's so handsome.  He's smart as heck too, keeping up with Cody.
Let me just say he has a bit of a temper and his tantrums are DEATH.  They happen a lot more often than I will let you know, but thanks to modern meds I remain calm ;)  
He's not that great of a sleeper but it's because he can't stand to miss anything.  Gave up napping before he turned two.  Although he has his narcolepsy naps all the time, they aren't by choice.  He sneaks out of bed at night and sits on his Dad's lap until we go to bed.  THEN he will go to sleep.  But within a couple hours I find him in our bed, on our floor, in the hallway, you name it.  And always is awake within 5 minutes of Cody waking (who went to bed 1-2 hours earlier!).
He just doesn't want to miss out on anything!  I love him for that.  And just let him rest once he passes out.  
He loves play dough, cars, monsters university, engine turtles (ninja turtles), flash cards, basketball shorts, baths, riding his trike, and coloring.

We love you Tree!


This would be our 4th winter of Cody getting a cold, then coughing until he vomits.  Over and over.  Lingers and lingers until I want to scream.  I couldn't take it anymore.  We'd been in to see the instacare too many times without any real answers.  
I called our Dr, and went in with guns blazing.  I said I wasn't leaving until we had it figured out, and that I was fed up and so very frustrated (we'd never seen this dr for Cody's cough before).  I wanted it clear that this was to be resolved.  
He was SO nice about it.  Instantly started listening to his lungs, then pulled me over to listen.  Cody was wheezing like crazy but you couldn't hear it on the outside.  We did a breathing treatment with albuterol and then a chest x-ray.  All the pockets in his lungs were swollen and made it hard for him to breathe.   Poor thing.  His left lung even had signs on pnenomonia :(
To be clear this was his only symptom.  Just coughing.  
 He looks happy here but wasn't pleased when he heard I couldn't be in the room for the x-ray.  Some nice nurses kept Trey for me with games, stickers, and suckers.  What a relief!

 Once the x-ray was going he was a total peach!  Wheh!  

We now have two inhalers for Cody, and the coughing went away almost instantly, and hasn't been back since.  I am SO grateful for modern medicine and answers!  And relieved my Cody feels better.

The good. The bad. The ugly.

This has not been the most glamorous pregnancy, although now that most of the nasty symptons have subsided or been taken care of, and I'm not huge (yet), it's been great.

I threw up almost daily until 20 weeks.  
Pretty sure I had puked at walmart in this picture.  Once after a delicious dinner at Red Robin we went to target to shop for Cody's birthday and it's a good thing I had a barf bag....
 At my very first appointment (8 weeks) I ended up having to wait longer than expected and hadn't packed a snack.  Towards the end I was getting sick and moody.  My dr's partner caught wind of this and brought me this plate of food.  I almost cried, and gobbled it right up.
 Some of my cravings have been a bit shameful....but I'm okay with it.  Also the heart burn started WAY earlier with this pregnancy.  Which is why I am on rx for it.  Amazing.
 The acne.  Seriously.  I felt like a 13 year old going through puberty.  Thank goodness for makeup!!!
 Exhaustion (which hasn't left completely but really has let up).  I required 1-2 naps a day.  Basically I turned on the tv for the kids and just snoozed in and out, until they needed food.  Sad yes, but I did what I had to.
 In this picture you can even see my barf bowl.  Luckily most days the boys were really really good about letting me rest and just watching curious george over and over.
 Smells.  I couldn't even open the fridge without gagging.  I started keeping lemon oil on me and rubbing it below my nose to try and help.  We went to Idaho for a weekend and as soon as we pulled in the driveway I started crying about how I didn't want to have to smell our fridge anymore!  I had 3 close friends smell my friend to make sure it didn't stink.....it didn't.  But to me.....ick...
 Baby Girl at 20 weeks.
 Vericose Vein.  HMMMMMM.  This one started with Trey but has exploded and become worse.  It is even now covered in spider veins!  Luckily, it doesn't hurt at all, just has itchy pressure sometimes.  
 Nose bleeds.
I know it sounds like I am complaining but really I'm not.  Looking back on all this makes me happy it's over and so grateful I feel as good as I do now!  And so glad to get a baby out of the whole deal.  

School Year 2013

Cody's on his second year of speech therapy but his classes are for articulation.  He's come so far, its hard to believe he ever struggled so much.  When he was first tested August 2012 he scored 30% and that was only because I was there.  The lady said had I not been there to help he would have scored a 0%, meaning she couldn't understand him at all.

Last year all of his classes were with a group, but this year it's twice and week, one on one.  It's been amazing.  His main problem is his "L's" and "S's".  Which are even coming along in the short time he's been.  

 We've also been cracking down on the preschool business.  Not really me I take him to preschool, but we do work at home as well. 

 He also gets to go to preschool with our neighbor friend Noah, and carpool.  It's nice knowing he has a friend to be with.

He's the oldest in his class, but still seems to struggle with some numbers and letters.  Luckily we've got a while until kindergarten starts and more time to keep cracking down.  Not that I'm sayin he's not a smart kid, he can do anything, but when it comes to the books it's not his favorite.  Just like his Mom.

Pirate Day

One day early this fall we heard that krispy kreme was giving away a free dozen donuts to EVERY person that came in dressed as a pirate.  That was perfect!  Except that my kids hate dressing up so....

There were a lot of tears and tantrums just to have some donuts.  But to me, it was worth it.
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