This would be our 4th winter of Cody getting a cold, then coughing until he vomits.  Over and over.  Lingers and lingers until I want to scream.  I couldn't take it anymore.  We'd been in to see the instacare too many times without any real answers.  
I called our Dr, and went in with guns blazing.  I said I wasn't leaving until we had it figured out, and that I was fed up and so very frustrated (we'd never seen this dr for Cody's cough before).  I wanted it clear that this was to be resolved.  
He was SO nice about it.  Instantly started listening to his lungs, then pulled me over to listen.  Cody was wheezing like crazy but you couldn't hear it on the outside.  We did a breathing treatment with albuterol and then a chest x-ray.  All the pockets in his lungs were swollen and made it hard for him to breathe.   Poor thing.  His left lung even had signs on pnenomonia :(
To be clear this was his only symptom.  Just coughing.  
 He looks happy here but wasn't pleased when he heard I couldn't be in the room for the x-ray.  Some nice nurses kept Trey for me with games, stickers, and suckers.  What a relief!

 Once the x-ray was going he was a total peach!  Wheh!  

We now have two inhalers for Cody, and the coughing went away almost instantly, and hasn't been back since.  I am SO grateful for modern medicine and answers!  And relieved my Cody feels better.

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