Trey turns 3

August 4th my Tree turned 3!  
He's so handsome.  He's smart as heck too, keeping up with Cody.
Let me just say he has a bit of a temper and his tantrums are DEATH.  They happen a lot more often than I will let you know, but thanks to modern meds I remain calm ;)  
He's not that great of a sleeper but it's because he can't stand to miss anything.  Gave up napping before he turned two.  Although he has his narcolepsy naps all the time, they aren't by choice.  He sneaks out of bed at night and sits on his Dad's lap until we go to bed.  THEN he will go to sleep.  But within a couple hours I find him in our bed, on our floor, in the hallway, you name it.  And always is awake within 5 minutes of Cody waking (who went to bed 1-2 hours earlier!).
He just doesn't want to miss out on anything!  I love him for that.  And just let him rest once he passes out.  
He loves play dough, cars, monsters university, engine turtles (ninja turtles), flash cards, basketball shorts, baths, riding his trike, and coloring.

We love you Tree!

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