Temple Night!

We finally went to the temple last night. Not only have we not gone all summer which is a poor excuse considering theres like 5 temples near Salt Lake, but we have not been since Valentines Day. I know I know! It was nice though. Cleared up a few thoughts we were having and wondering. I got to take the baby to the temple! I laughed because my temple clothes were all pre pregnancy, not like they can't be adjusted but when I went to put some of them on, it was a reality check! Then when it was time to leave I managed to get myself lost somewhere in that temple, then got exscorted back. I am used to the Boise temple, its like the perfect size. So anyways it was nice.

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You are looking soooo cute! AND.. you are getting sooo close Ü

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