Tagged 8!

I got the 8 things tag so here it goes:

8 Things I am passionate about...
1. Cody
2. Kevin
3. Gospel, church, prayers, and priesthood blessings.
4. Beading
5. Crochetting
6. Scrapbooking/ Home made cards
7. Accessories of any and every kind (shoes, jewelry, scarfs, hats)
8. Baking (cookies and Cakes and what not, although I still have never made a pie)

8 "words" or "phrases I say way to often...
1. That's what she said!
2. So. . (that's how I start all my sentences)
3. Right
4. You're Golden!
5. Sounds good.
6. Good, you? (That one seems to annoy some people, I'm trying to work on it.)
7. I know, right?
8. I know I can tell, I sense it as a holy man.

8 Things I want to do before I die...
1. Go to Venezuala with Kevin, once the pres is gone.
2. Have more kids.
3. buy a house
4. go on a mission with Kevin
5. Meet my grandkids
6. have my first day with out help as a mom (tomorrow)
7. read and pray ever single day
8. be the best mom i can be, with out being scared

8 Things I have learned from my past...
1. count my many blessings once in a while, basically to realize how blessed i am
2. being sarcastic and negative never helps, ever
3. how real the plan of salvation is and the repentence process
4. how much a son can change your life
5. Not to judge others so quickly
6. embrace my callings more, you receive great blessings
7. pregnancy can cloud the mind
8.You'll never realize what your parents have done for you.

8 Places I would love to see...
1. Hawaii, I'm a sucker for that stuff
2. Every temple in the US
3. Every Baseball park in the US
4. Maine
5. Go to London Again or Paris for the first time
6. Austrailia
7. New York
8. Venezuala

8 Things I currently need or want...
1. To realize I can do this
2. I really do need a massage, breast feeding can make for heavy breasts and carrying around a new born its a new experience.
3. Drink more water
4. A nap. . but I can't seem to sleep since Cody was born, I check on him 30 times a night and if I don't check on him, he's already awake.
5. New jeans, but I don't want to shop for about 6-8 more weeks, or go in public for that matter. . at least for clothes shopping.
6. Night stands
7. End Tables
8. Need to figure out how I am going to do my hair with a new baby. I guess that's why you get a few weeks of no one expecting you to look great.

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Amanda said...

Apparently you haven't heard the rule but after you have a baby you aren't allowed to post EVER without at least one picture of Cody!!

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