Cody's Blessing

I am actually a little sad to say that when getting ready for church we were in a hurry and didn't get a single picture of our family dressed up! Then after church Cody was starving and had a nasty diaper, so we didn't get pictures after church either! I think I'll take some next Sunday and just pretend. Kevin gave Cody such an amazing blessing. I totally cried, no surprise, I pretty much cried all day. I can't believe we have a son, it's so surreal. After church we had lunch with everyone at Kevin's parents house. I want to thank everyone for all their help and for making it. We love you guys!

Aunt Michelle and Cody.

You forget recovery doesn't come overnight. . hence me sleeping

Play time.

Good Food!

Cody Henneman and Cody Hammond.


Amanda said...

I love the last picture... of course! :)

See That Crazy Family said...

Sorry we missed lunch. The blessing was awesome. Take your time, recovery will come.

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