Things I Cannot Live without

Lansinoh Nursing pads, I ran out yesterday and had to use gerber ones. . .they suck.
Lansinoh Nursing pads Pictures, Images and Photos
Boppy Pillow! Even though mine is a hand me down, Thank you Kaylynn I'm glad to have it, some day I want to buy my own new puffy one.
boppy Pictures, Images and Photos
Best Dang DVD Ever Made! Thank you again Sarah, not saying Cody is a fussy baby but ever since we started swaddling him hard core at night he goes 3-4 1/2 hours at a time sleeping, sometimes 5 and once he did 7!
The Happiest Baby on the Block Pictures, Images and Photos
HOOTER HIDERS! It's soooo nice, if you don't have one I highly suggest it, especially when first learning to nurse, I can't imagine trying to juggle a blanket over my shoulder.
hooter hider Pictures, Images and Photos
Soothie Binkys. Thank you Theresa, Cody love's his binky and when he's fussy Mom loves it even more!
Soothie pacifiers Pictures, Images and Photos

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