Thanksgiving and Kevin's Birthday

Sadly these are the only pictures we have of Thanksgiving. We ate dinner with my family. "Elvis" the turkey was cherry glazed and quite delicious! I also just realized that at Kyle and Theresa's house we had all the grandkids together. . and no picture. Of coarse. Then for dessert we went to Kevin's parents house and had pie. Lemon was my fav and Choc was Kevin's. I felt bad for Kevin having to share his birthday with a Holiday. I got him a digital video camera and am doing a painting for him (will post painting pictures when I'm done). Cody had the cutest Thanksgiving outfit I bought him but as soon as we sat down to eat, he pooped on it, although I knew to pack and extra outfit, then as soon as we got to K's parents he peed on his other one! Might I mention that was my fault, occasionally I forget to point his whipper down. . . . right. This year we are thankful for FAMILY.

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