Right. .

I'm hot
Can't seem to keep my hands off the stupid sugar cookies
I want Kevin to be done with school, right now
Yet I'm nervous to move to Salt Lake
I want to like taking naps
I want a clean clean clean house, never going to happen
Need to go on a date with my husband soon, and let someone babysit Cody
Wishing I still lived close to my Mom so she could hem my jeans (not the only reason)
Been drinking lots of water
Gave up Pepsi and any other dark soda 4 months ago
Is it weird that I like looking at freshly vacuumed carpet?
Addicted to baking
Feeling random random random.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Glad you like the cookies! It was great to finally see you! Ü
Suz, let Shawn and I sit for you one night so you and Kevin can go out on a date. We'd love to... Just call us anytime!

Josten and Sarah said...

Hey, sorry again for ditchin' out on the phone. I hope you know that I wasn't just trying to get off, Sienna can just get a little ticked off when she's hungry! Wouldn't it be cool if we were neighbors? we could bake cookies, do crafts and babysit eachother's kids and have game nights together! Maybe Josten will get stationed to SLC some day!

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