Cody's 1st


I promise it looks cuter than this last picture shows. He was our sleepy boy, and it was time for bed. I can't believe how cute it is and how much more blond he is!


See That Crazy Family said...

Wow. He almost looks like gabe!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...


I have a quick question for you:
how do you update your blog list so that it tells you when someone has a new post?
If you could help me do that I would be ever so grateful Ü

ps Shawn and I were thinking the Friday after your brother is here. How does that sound?

Let us know!

Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

lucky boy have such cute parents!!

Peterson's said...

oh my, he is so chubby, you could just eat him!

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