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Wedding day

Engagement Pics

The proposal, I was bragging to the world, as you can see.

When was your wedding? March 25th, 2006

Where did you get married? Boise, Idaho Temple

How long were you dating/engaged? Dating was 7 months, engaged for 3.

Were you a bridezilla? I am pretty sure I was a little tense, to put it lightly.

What were the wedding colors? Green and Pink :) Loved it!

How many brides maides did you have? None, not a one.

Where did you honeymoon? Oregon Coast

Where was your reception? In Middleton, Idaho, Kevin's hometown.

Is there anything that you would re-do if you could?: I would hire a differen't photographer, not because I thought my Dad didn't do a great job, but that way he could enjoy the day with us and not worry about taking pics.
Also, I would have more girlfriends with me to help me get ready, ect, I had my Mom and Kevin's sister did my make up, Thanks steph!

Did you save your caketop and eat it on your 1 year? Nope, have no idea what happened to it.

Speaking of cakes, what did yours look like? Mine was green with pink poka dots, no cake tops.

How long have you been married now? Almost 3 years!

I tag Sarah Frank, Chelsea Mcfarland, Chelsea Peterson, Lyza Walker, Amanda Henneman, Theresa See, Kaylynn See, Keli Langston, Liz Cambell.

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