This is a list of the top ten things I will miss the most about Boise. These are in no specific order (favorite to least favorite).

10. WINCO- I didn't love this store when I first shopped there. BUT I LOVE IT. L O V E I T. Especially lately, I've been all over the bulk section. cheap Cheap CHEAP!
winco foods Pictures, Images and Photos
9. Boise Temple- This is another thing I didn't love at first. Of coarse I LOVE the temple, but I thought it was kind of ugly as far as temples go. Now I don't like going to other temples because this one is just the right size. Plus we were sealed here.
The Boise, Idaho Temple Pictures, Images and Photos
8. Friends and Family
I had a lot of pictures to choose from, but decided not to post any. I don't want to name name's just in case I accidently leave someone out. Thank you everyone, for everything.
7. Bicycle Friendly- I always make fun of hippies, but I do enjoy a bike friendly city! It's so nice. I'll miss it greatly.

6. Mild Winters-I very very much enjoy the fact that winters in Boise are mild. I don't really snowboard, or do any winter activity's out doors. So it is nice that when I do leave the house I don't have to endure the weather.
5.BOISE. . . . STATE!- I really prefer going to the basketball games, but I do enjoy having a team to cheer for.

4. Ice Cream Trucks- We lived in SLC last summer and didn't see a single ice cream truck. A few times while we were golfing I swore I heard one in the neighborhood near. Which immediately made me start searching my pockets for change.

3. Our Sweet Apartment- Never before have I lived in such a sweet apartment. It's just the right size. I know we can't stay here forever because eventually we would out grow it. But for now, it's amazing. I don't think I've had a single complaint about it, well except for our upstairs neighbors, but that's what comes with living in an apartment. Plus it's cheap cheap cheap.

2. Close, yet far- I've very much enjoyed the location of Boise. It seems to be just close enough, yet just far enough away from everything. Does that make any sense?
1. Familiar- when someone gives me directions, I know where to go. I am familiar with locations, street names, ect. It's taken me a L O N G time to get to this point. When first moving here, I would leave to get a drink and it would take me an hour to get home. Sigh. I'll sure miss this place.


Melissa said...

When is it you are moving again?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Boise will miss you!!!

The Hunters said...

Where are you going

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Ever since my visit to Boise and going to WINCO with you I have been craving chocolate covered almonds. I like winco too. If you want a winco I heard that their is one that is coming this year to CDA.;) When are you going to Utah? I thought that it was this summer.

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