I've been watching Twilight every day of late. It's the only movie I left out, while I packed away the others. I thought if I packed it then I would regret it. I was correct. I love IMDB.com I look up movies and actors and the trivia about them. I was noticing how FUGLY twilight the movie makes some of the actors look! It's insane! For example.
CHARLIE- Talk about 70's porno stache! HA!
Charlie Pictures, Images and Photos
Real Charlie- Billy Burke, stake and cobbler has done him well :)
billy Pictures, Images and Photos
Alice- I hate her hair, for some reason I pictured her blond.
Alice Pictures, Images and Photos
Real Alice- Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene Pictures, Images and Photos
Rosalie- she's really not bad looking in the movie, but she's FOXY in real life
Rose x3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Real Rosalie- Nikki Reed..... Bow chick a wow wow
Nikki Pictures, Images and Photos
Jasper.....seriously? Your wig ruined the movie. Roadkillwigs.com
take my pain away Pictures, Images and Photos
The real Jasper- Jackson Rathbone, what a shame he's really cute.
Jackson R. Pictures, Images and Photos

Although Twilight helped some to be better looking than they are in real life
For example:
Robert Pattinson, yes I said it, he's better looking as Edward, this is just a straight up awful picture in general. I can't believe the chest hair on this guy, he's only a month older than me!
Robert Pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos
Edward....insert leg shake ....
rob15 Pictures, Images and Photos
Kristen Stewart I really don't think she can act
Kristen Stewart Pictures, Images and Photos
Bella, just kidding, okay I just don't like bella the character, her name should be Suzanne but she prefers to be called Suzi....duh!
Bella the vampire Pictures, Images and Photos


Amanda said...

hahahahahaha to the picture of bella. hahahahah

Josten and Sarah said...

Okay, I totally agree that the guy who plays Edward is not cute at all, and that they use tons of make-up and hair product mingled with fashionable male clothing to make him look ideal. On top of that, I don't know if the movie portrayed what his real character in the book was like (I haven't read them) but I don't care WHO this guy is, I would be freaked out of my mind to find out he was watching me in my sleep, and that he followed me everywhere. Not to mention his mood swings, and his slightly odd voice tone. Eww, and the way he stares at her, I mean I kow he's "entranced" by her, but come on!! Be normal here. I really did enjoy the movie though, it was a very good story. But I also agree with you on Bella not being able to act. Once, again, I did like the movie, and I totally understand why you would want to keep it out because we had reneted it for 5 days, and I probably watched it 7 times! Sorry to write such a novel, I just kept remembering things as I kept writing!

Mama Corleone said...

Oh my gosh, you said it! I think they all (except for Rob) look soooo much better in real life. Oh well. I guess it's probably hard to make the undead look great. Rob looks awful unless someone helps him...poor man.

All that said, I still LOVE everything Twilight. So, I guess I will forgive them.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I love Twilight also and I also think that Bella was a terrible actress. I think that Alice and Jasper and Bella's dad does look better in real life than in the movie. Alice was cute but better in real life. I loved the movie. I went and got it at midnight the day it came out. I read all the books twice. I loved it. I got Sherry hooked on it now.

Peterson's said...

How the heck could charlie be thank good looking though, really come on, I thought he was fine, he lives in forks WA and fishes all day.
And alice, how could you picture her without the hair brown and spikey thats how it describes her in the book. I just didn't think she could act. And of course they look better in person, tans makes everyone look better.
You are watching it too much suz, haha, you need to put the movie down and stop analyzing it. Come on, you can do it...put it away, take a break. And if you have to have twilight, read the book, it was way better anyway

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