Par TAY!

I had the very best day today! I'm totally beat right now, but was excited to post something new for my fans....I have fans right?

Anyways I woke up early and check out account for our tax return... it was there! Woo! We were off to eat breakfast out! Yum! Okay it wasn't that great but it was fun.

Then my friend Kristen came over and we decided that it would be fun to get our make up done. Silly you say? I've never had it done professionally for any formal event, so I decided today was the day. We made our appointments and headed to MAC, yay! Totally worth it.

Later that night I hosted a Scentsy/Going away party at my house with my friend Alycia. I had the best turn out! Thank YOU everyone for coming! I really appreciate it! Friends and Food what more could you ask for??


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

It is always the best day when you get your tax returns back. I love that day. It's almost better than Christmas

Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

That was so much fun last night! I had a really good time! That picture is funny of me because I'm totally licking my lips! I'm weird I suppose. Anyways, I ate the cake and it was soooo goood!!!!!

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