Still Got It?

The answer to this question is almost. I was reading my friend Sarah Frank's blog. She did a recent post on how she "still has it" Sister you do! Whoo I am so proud of you. You look stinking amazing. She has lost all of her pregnancy weight and then some. On top of that she proudly posted a picture of herself in her wedding dress. Looks good :)

I thought to myself "I have not tried my dress on in a while" so decided to go pull it out of the bag and give it a shot. It felt snug as it did on my wedding day. I tried to zip it up and am sad to report, the zipper stopped at my boobs! Dang! I was so stinking close. In my defense, I am still nursing and my breasts are almost 3 cup sizes bigger than they were the day we wed.

I am sad the dress doesn't fit yet..... but am proud to report that I am 15-20 lbs (flucuating a bit) below prepregnancy weight. The pregnancy weight came off with time and ease, but that 15-20 has been a little bit more work. I am praying that this post will not jinx me but only inspire me to keep the weight off and continue down my healthy path.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

You look great Suz, and thanks I really appreciate that. I love you.

Peterson's said...

you look great.... Just ENJOY those breast, because afterwards you will be left with the sad deflated state of what used to be perky lifted breasts....but no more. Only until you get pregnant again but then oh...you have a belly. To bad, so sad.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

3 cup sizes!?!?!? Lucky Kevin :)

By the way, you look AWESOME!! (you are smaller than me...and I haven't had a bay-bay. sad, huh?) Oh well, I'm fat and happy :)

Ader Family said...

That's awesome and you look AMAZING!!
Good luck with your plan. I wish I had enough motivation to get skinnier. Haha!

Greg and Julie said...

Was great to see you and Kevin and Cody the other day. So glad we got together. You look great.
:ove, Greg

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