I'm happy

I'm happy ....
because I have a very very good baby.
Because Cody got his first tooth! YAY! Although also slightly annoyed because he will never let me see it, come close to it, or let me get a picture of it. Instead he will bite my nipple with it while nursing.... or just make sad face.
because I am getting my missionary brother a package to be sent soon. It includes, gummy bears, big league chew (in 2 flavors), razzles, 2 ties, 1 letter, and a $5 bill. Oh wait. I'm lazy and haven't gotten to the post office yet, but I tested our your gummy bears... they aren't poisin!

Because I got to see my SIL Kaylynn and her 2 kids EMILY and OWEN this week. Emily is sooo big. I can't get over it, she talks so well. She was a little overheated, but still the funniest little girl. Let's not forget Owen, who is WALKING! I can't get over his mad walking skills.
Because Owen and Cody seem to like eachother. Well, the didn't show any signs of hating eachother..which is good. Duh.
Because Cody is sitting up like a big boy! I mean he has been for a while, but this kid is getting some serious balance.
because I am starting to get a tan! YAHTZEE!
because I got burnt first. Boo. For realz though, this picture doesn't do this burn justice. I sacraficed my skin to help make a friend!

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Mama Corleone said...

I just saw that someone visited your blog from Port Angeles, WA.


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