It's not a good idea

to eat broccoli cheddar soup that sits out on the counter allllllllll night long. Just so you know, you know, in case you were wondering. The shiz is all dairy. Yesterday my guts started hurting, I just thought it was leftover achey pains from the incision from my c-section. Boy I was wrong. It was a rough night. I laid there with a tummy ache all night burping up some chicken salad I had for dinner. At 5 am I couldn't take it anymore and drove to walgreens for some pepto. I thought it I was going to be burping up food all night, some chalky pink stuff and 7 up would be a lot better than chicken smothered in salsa, and black beans. I've even taken a food borne illness class before, I should have known better. Here's how I came to eat "the soup".

Kevin was getting home from school soon, I knew we had the soup although it had been out all night. We also had leftover bread. Really... I wanted Taco bell like no one's business, but I know we are trying not to eat out, and if we do it's a restaurant not fast food. Kevin had no clue the soup was out all night. We warmed it up, ate it, and it was delish. I thought I was pregnant again, crampy stomach, light headed, nearly vomiting. SO.. .don't do it again.
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Kelsie said...

I bet you were on the toilet like nobody's business too!

Did Kevin get sick?

See That Crazy Family said...

sucky. i love the sparkly peter on the toilet though!

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