Swim Swim Swimming

This is Cody's first swim! YAY! He loved it, but I don't think he knew he was swimming, I think he thought he was just introduced to a cool new raft like toy. Silly boy.
Hanging out with Mom, showing of my delicious thighs...and green speedo.

There is a POOL at our apartment complex! YES! I need a tan, and I will be needing a cool off in the summa time.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Fun a pool. I think that this is probably the best apartment you guys have ever been in. Can I move in?:) Just kiddin. Don't forget to put sunscreen on, you may not have the red hair but you still burn like one.:) I love ya tons and miss you like crazy.

Kristen said...

ok, so i think i will just be watching Cody... 2 weeks is kinda too soon to get over hydrophobia...hmmm, super cute swim suit!

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