Dinner, Temple, and a Hair Cut

That is what our night consisted of. Started off at the yummiest place in the world.... oh I said it... and I mean it. CAFE RIO! I am not quite sure how I lived without this place. This is what remained of my salad after I devoured it. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NUMMY!

K Bear after enjoying his steak burrito.

We both kind of look like we ate a bag of salt before bed time the night before... like our faces retained 5 lbs of water. Cute. Only not.

This is the new Temple, it's pretty close to our place.

And last but not least Cody got his 3d hair cut. So handsome.


Mama Corleone said...

We just got a Cafe Rio here...thank heaven. It was what I missed the most about moving away from the Salt Lake area 6 years ago. BUT....did you know they are opening one in Boise soon? A lady who works at the one here told me that. Yeah, soon there will be one everywhere I go!

Stef said...

L O V E Cafe Rio! Can't wait to be close to one again in IF

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