Sounds broken.... Most likely sir, I'll be it was something nice though

My little brother Kelly, who is on a mission, turned 20 on February 15th of this year. We sent him a package about the week before his birthday. He never got it.

Yesterday I got a key in my mail box which means PACKAGE! YAY!
Oh just kidding, when I opened up the mail box... I was confused... then it occurred to me.

LOW AND BEHOLD here it is! Kelly's birthday package!

Is it just me or does it look like the package Jim Carrey kicks around for 20 minutes in the first scene of Ace Ventura?

"HDS sir and how are are you this afternoon ALRIGHTYTHEN... I have a package for you!"

"Sounds broken"

"Most likely sir, I bet it was something nice though."


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You have granite counter tops!!!!?!

Mama Corleone said...

Ha Ha! That's exactly what it looks like! Oh and I have been trying to find that ketchup commercial you were talking about. I haven't see it...so sad!

Liz and Grant said...

Hey sorry we didn't get together. I gave you a call but didn't want to seem stalkerish so I left it at that. You're new place looks sweet! You guys have all the luck when it comes to finding good apartments. Have fun in Utah, it's a little wierd down there, but totally the easiest place you'll ever find to make friends :)

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