Wish List

I wish Cody would keep being a good sport while grocery
shopping. He does really well most of the time.
Infact...he dances in the cart.

This one isn't even realistic but still a nice thought.

daddy diaper Pictures, Images and Photos

For Cody not to grow up too fast on me.

This house would be nice.....I don't think I'm asking a lot here!
Yeah to the right!

Kathrine\'s Island Home Pictures, Images and Photos

A laptop that doesn't move at turtle speed...would be nice

Laptop Pink Pictures, Images and Photos

A new car....I know nothing is wrong with ours...that's why this
is a wish list.

Honda Pilot Pictures, Images and Photos

A Fudgecicle would be tastey.
fudge bar Pictures, Images and Photos

To have leggings stay in style for a while....
It was nice wearing them to church and not worrying
about flashing anyone when I bent down to pick things
up......Rattles, binkys, Cody....

What's on your wish list???


Liz and Grant said...

Holy cows! We might be feet twins, how have I never noticed this! 3 middle toes all the same length, I don't know if you get made fun of for this, but I do all the time. It's not very common so you should feel special!

Matt and Amanda said...

I think that that house looks like a doll house and I like it!!!!

Theresa said...

We have some fudgecicles in the freezer. Come on over!

Ader Family said...

I have a long wish list....
But you look adorable even when just going to the grocery store - how is that possible??!?! Because it's you - that's how...Love you!

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