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Sometimes, I like to pretend I'm strong...like my brothers.
Sometimes I am a HUGE Momma's girl.
Sometimes I enjoy the look of beer goggles.
Sometimes I sacrafice a lot for my son.
Sometimes I miss having dark hair....
Sometimes I trick Kevin into going on a ride where "you won't get wet, I promise!".
Sometimes I miss living in the same house as these two.
All the time I really miss Boise, and the little adventures we had their.
Sometimes I miss my Nissan Sentra..... she was a beast.
Sometimes I miss being 5 years old...so I could be on this rocking horse and look normal.
All the time, I love having my own family.
Sometimes I like to enter into coloring contests.
Most of the time I wake up looking this divine!
Sometimes friends are just priceless.
And sometimes, I just love that you are here to listen to every word I type.
I love having this blog, and hope you enjoy it as much as I. If you have never commented before, TODAY is YOUR day. I have a blog meter, and I don't always recognize the town's that are looking at my blog, so you....YES YOU, leave me a comment, tell me about yourself. Thanks everyone! Peace out!


Stef said...

I love your blog too! It always makes me smile. Keep posting:)

Ader Family said...

I always get on my blog to see what blogs have been updated - and if yours hasn't, I am slightly bummed. But when I see you've updated, I know I'm going to smile.
And I'm glad you love your blog enough to post often.
Smiles and loves!

The Lethcoe Family said...

love, Love, LOVE your danged blog...seriously...like a fat boy loves cake!! Keep on keepin on sister!!

Josh and Hannah said...

hey Suzi! I'm probably in one of those towns where you think you don't know anyone! I just moved to Chino, CA. I have loved your blog and seeing what you are up to- very entertaining! Keep it up and feel free to check out my blog- I don't update near as much as you, but hopefully I will get better!

mrsmonje said...

I love love love your blog! This you should already know and I look forward to reading it!

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

You caught me. It is hard not to be spotted when you are from Florida :) I absolutely love looking at your blog. In fact, most of the time I save it for last, because you always have to save the best for last right? No, seriously though :)

Mama Corleone said...

Sometimes I think you're adorable...

But then sometimes I think you are nuts...

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