Good Mom Award

My sister in law Theresa is what I would call "Good Mom Award". She never ceases to impress me. She's a fantastic stay at home mother, wife, and really a great friend. I thought I would share some of her secrets with you.

1. I'm amazed at what you do. Crafts, gardening, cooking, cleaning, spending time with your kiddo's (Park, Boise Art Museum), working out, and you volunteer at your kids school. How do you find the time to balance it all?
One word, schedule. There are days the kids know we go to the Library, or Museum and I volunteer the same day every week. It's all about the schedule. It keeps me on track and keeps the kids from getting too out of control because they know what to expect. I give small chores to my children, they load cups and plates into the dishwasher, the help me fold towels and blankets, they organize the bookshelf, there are endless small jobs that even the smallest little kiddo can do. They feel as good as I do when the chores are done.

2. I'm very impressed with how healthy you cook! How do you find motivation? And how do you get your kids to eat well?
My motivation comes from my little kiddos. I want to keep up with them. I don't want to get worn out just watching them! I also want them to start healthy habits now instead of fighting it later in their adult lives. I get the kids involved in the kitchen. They love to dump ingredients, stir, and eat the fruits of their labor. They help me make the menu choices. I give them choices in the grocery store, they always pick their lunch, dinner is Mom's Choice and they must try everything at least once. Two sites that I love for recipes are www.hungry-girl.com, and www.recipezaar.com. I also google a lot trying to healify some comfort foods that aren't usually healthy. I love food. I don't expect my kids to eat something that I wouldn't eat. If it doesn't taste good, what's the point?

3. Has it been a struggle for you as a stay at home mother?
You know, mentally?

After my first, it was no problem. After my second, I was not prepared for how much more work two kids really is. After #2 I quit my PT job because of hubby's travel. After that I was easily excitable, and not in a good way. After and very long conversation with my Sweet Hubby, we decided that I needed alone time. When he's in town I would go out one night a week. I'd leave when we got home from work, and come home after he had them bathed and in bed. It really worked well. I joined a gym. I go Monday thru Friday, every afternoon. The kids look forward to play time with their gym friends, and it gives me 30-90 minutes that I can plug into my iPod, and focus on Me. The cost of the membership has been worth the change in my attitude and my body.

5. You have recently lost over 30 lbs! Congrats! What was the motivator? And how has it been maintaining?
Thank you! I'm not quiet to the maintaining part; I still have about 20 to lose. My motivator comes from a different place everyday! Some times, it's just a need to get to the gym and space off, or it could be all the complements I've received. I think, hmmm, if everyone says I look so good now, what did they think before? I also feel so damn good after a work out, or when I try on a pair of pants, and they are too BIG! I also don't want to be the fat girl in all the pictures anymore. The choice to lose weight is sort of like the choice to quit smoking; you really have got to want it to make it happen.

6. Last but not least. Do you have any advice for us other SAHM about nutrition, goals, or overall well being?
Schedule, schedule, schedule! Make lifestyle changes slowly, make sure it works for your family. Keep the family involved in scheduling and menu planning, you can't do it all yourself, so don't try, that is only a recipe for a very cranky Mommy. Even on your hardest days, make a point to stop and enjoy your family. When I realized I'm having a bad day, I try to make a goal to create a Kodak moment. Every Grandmother tells me that these years are going to fly by, I want to remember it. I try to take pictures as often as possible and journal (blog) all these moments.

Thank you Theresa for taking the time to do this! You are amazing!


Kelsee said...

Wow Suzi, this was such a great post. Being a SAHM is harder than people think, and I liked that she gets alone time, we are working on that for me. Thanks Suzi and Theresa for this great post. -Kelsee

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Can I get an amen on the that sister. SAHM work darn hard and it's a tough job to be one let alone a good one.

Norm and Jan said...

It's what the world needs most!No Lie!!!! Stay at home moms are so very important.

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