The things people say

I was on the treadmill this morning at our apartment complex. I ran 2.6 miles, did my cool down, and the works. Right when I took my head phones out this middle aged mexican guy says to me
Mexican man "How long did you go?"
Myself "30 minutes, I usually do 35."
M.m. "That's a good run man! You trying to get in shape from after the baby? Lose the weight?"
Myself "............ yeah well he's 10 months old"

I know this guy was an idiot, but the whole run I kept having to tug my shorts up cause they were falling off. I was even looking at pictures yesterday, and this one blew me away.

Especially when I saw this one. There is a 25 lb weight difference here.
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So now I am off to have my turkey sandwich on whole wheat.


Liz and Grant said...

SO, since you brought it up I figured I would ask, How the freak did you look so tiny just a couple weeks after you had Cody. Yo u are hot now, but really, I was amazed at how good you looked after just having a baby.

Brynne said...

You look amazing. I have totally noticed you have gotten skinnier. And it feels good to do it the right way, huh? You go, girl!! p.s. Guys are so dumb sometimes. especially dumb guys. ;)

Kelsee said...

Guys are so dumb! I saw on Facebook say that their guy teacher had told them that when women are post partom that its the easiest time for them to lose weight. I laughed so hard at that! They don't know that if you nurse, each boob weighs a good 10 lbs a piece and sleepless nights do not help the situation! I have noticed how skinny you are getting and its awesome! Don't take it personal, just keep going. I have a fight with myself almost daily to get myself to exercise. You are living proof that the baby weight can come off! You inspire me! -Kelsee

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