F-o-n-d-u-e, and of coarse randoms.

Fall decor is the cutest, and the most fun to collect. Here is Marilyn and I....she's been in the closet, waiting for the perfect time to make her grand entrance...
Stopped by to fill up the tank today.... saw popcorn for .79!
Had to have some...then spilled.
LOVE theses shades! Don't be jealous..
We had FONDUE last night! And even friends over.....what???
Yes that's right friends.
Russel and Emily!
Please note the sweet halloween glasses
.10 a piece baby.
We even had a pre dinner pedicure....at home do it yourself style :)
I totally smeared my flowers on my slippers..
The boys working hard to cook for us. Yeah right!
Oh wait! They are the ones working hard...okay Emily was.
We make quite the team.
Also on a side note, my friend Kelsee is have a craft giveaway!!! Here is the link. I've been swoooooooning over crafts and such lately... I'm dying to create this vision....
I know what you are thinking "I MUST HAVE THAT!" that's what I said...I'm off to DI later to find an old lamp...stay tuned to my craft blog...see if I end up making it.
What are you creating today??


Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

I am making a half apron and finishing my memo board-both from makeitandloveit.blogspot! I might post if they turn out!!
Hey, I also canned beans for the first time ever!! yeah, thats creating right?

Amanda said...

I need to know where you got your fondue pot and what your recipe was :)

mrsmonje said...

That fondue looks delsih!! Love the heart sun glasses and Marilyn

Melissa said...

Today I am heading to the craft store to get fabric for my bow board for Kenna, batting for a headboard, and putting together my craft area in my room hopefully. Sounds ambitious. . .

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