I love lamp....I love desk...I love rug....

I found this beast at DI for 3.50, it's not going to be the ruffle lamp, but it will be something fun...you better keep checking up.
See what's I gots goin on.
FINALLY got a picture of him smiling where you can see his teeth.
I lounge with twin babies, while we all watch tv.....so what.
Cody and Brad have about the same amount of hair....except Brad's is just leaving and Cody's is filling in...
Saw my Brother Cory and his Wife Kaylynn...that's her name. And their kiddo's for a minute.
Baked Stephanie her going away cake...CARROT CAKE. It's seriously my specialty. Am I tooting my own horn? No baby I'm HONKING that mother... plus I did a good job frosting as smooth as possible....just a few crumbs. GO ME!
Aren't they darling.....I'm suddenly craving double mint gum.....
I went Visiting Teaching...came home and found my boys like this!!!!
I almost had a heart attack because I first only saw that Kevin was asleep and didn't see Cody....I could only imagine the delightful things he was getting into.... but nope...sound asleep.
Holding his yard stick.
I made LASAGNA for the 1st time! How was it?
How was your weekend??


Melissa said...

I spent as much time as I could with my husband!! Saturday was spent working on Wedding stuff for his mom and yesterday was church and family!! Love the blog girl

Brynne said...

I pretty much laughed out loud the whole time reading this post. You are my late night entertainment! I love the caption for the pic with you and the twins! And your boys both sleeping. So cute. Nice job on the lasagna!

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