Isn't this why you read?

First of all, who wants to buy me this necklace, and have is shipped to my apartment??
THERESA and KRISTI, this coin purse made me think of you guys....too bad they are sold out.

I made another flower clip! Tutorial HERE. And while you're there leave a comment for pete's sake. How am I supposed to know your looking? Or using the sweet ideas?
I was sad, because right after taking this picture, he looked over at me and gave me a HUGE smooch, right on the mouth...and I miss it.
Pulled the sling out of the moth balls yesterday.... All this time I thought he was too heavy...no no, he still fits.
This is Kasey, she LOVES Cody. The end.


Kasey said...

Oh my gosh! That is the most hideous picture of my entire life! I may or may not die! EWWW!!!!

Theresa said...

Who doesn't love Cody?

BTW... Kasey, Don't be hard on yourself, you're beautiful.

Kelsee said...

You know, I bet I could make that necklace. Hmmmm, just need a chain and some fabric. I'm on it! -Kelsee

mrsmonje said...

I LOVE THE FLOWER!! Make me one haha

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