Hey, remember the other day when I put the video up from you tube. The one of the neighbor widow who hears everything? That's not me anymore! Our new neighbors, who replaced to old ones have been so quiet I didn't even know they were there. Until last night.

10:00 I hear them kinda hooting and hollering, but I figured they were watching a football game
11:00 I finished ready my 10 verses of scriptures and fell asleep
12:4? YELLING, not fighting, they just feel the need to talk at a yelling level.
I even heard one of them say "Hmmm yeeeeahhh HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF"
12:5? Kevin's eyes were open! I didn't nudge him to tell him they were being loud, oh no, not this time my friend, they woke him too.
I called the cops. I'm better at letting them handle this stuff
They show up, the kids hide on the porch....sound familiar?
As the cops getting into his car (right below their our windows) they start yelling again! Those cops saw them and were upstairs like stink on poop. It was hilarious. I didn't hear another peep all night. Thank you police men! Thank you.

I'm not ready for Cody to be getting into stuff! I should consider myself lucky! Seeing as how he was a late crawler, I bought myself a few extra months!
Often our front door looks like this.... trash piles up as if the frontway were a dumpster itself.
Yes that's $5 hot and ready....we love them...
I gotta say, the sunsets here haven't been all that bad
And I must say, my cookies yesterday were DIVINE. Recipe here.
The "stool" video isn't all that exciting, it just show's you one of Cody's many pass times. The giggles video is hilarious. Just so you know.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I could listen to his little giggle all day. How cute!! I've already watched it twice. I just love his little laugh!!
Those cookies look delicious... if only I had it in me to bake - I think I'll just lay on the couch instead and hope someone will bake them for me :)
Pregnancy sure does make you lazy!!

mrsmonje said...

Hes so freaken cute!! I want to squish him lol and awesome job calling the cops!!

Melissa said...

Sunsets around here have been amazing lately. Our trash sits outside our door and our dump is only a parking lot away. Cookies look amazing, might have to go to the store and get a cake mix!

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