showdown time

One word.
It's a healer, comforter, and quite frankly, it's delicious.
Personally I don't like just plain chocolate, I prefer a companion. And my favorite is mint and chocolate. Woooooweee. Bring a grown woman to her knees.
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What is your favorite chocolate companion??

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Lars said...

The toilet. I am allergic. Chocolate and I, we are not friends.

Liz and Grant said...

Um yes, all of the above please :)Also- I made your chocolate bundt cake this week and it was delicious! We had a neighbor in provo who made the same cake, but wouldn't give me the recipe, HA now I have it all!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

All of the above!! I am a chocoholic for sure!!! :)
Um.... can we say gestational diabetes - yep, right around the corner :)

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