Shows that I love...

Adam and Liz are to thank for this one, but I am not sad that I'm hooked. Between Sawyer and Jack....hmmm.... and how they tell everyone's story. It's awesome. I'm about 13 episodes behind, but watching online doesn't work....since the laptop is too slow....
L-O-S-T Pictures, Images and Photos

Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders: Making the team

Yes I love this show, it always makes me feel so fat though! These tiny girls are being told they need to tone up. What the fruit?
dallas cowboys cheerleaders Pictures, Images and Photos
America's Next Top Model
I can't help myself! I can't stand Tyra Banks either....pitty.
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Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood
This one I am ashamed to admit! And the whole time I wonder why I watch it....I just get sucked in. One of my favorite parts is when Tori is complaining about the stress of moving. Even though she hires movers....and does nothing...? Must be rough!
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Pictures, Images and Photos
A Baby Story
No joke, everyday I watch this, and shed a few tears.
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I Love Lucy
Classic. Clean humor. What I need.
I LOVE LUCY Pictures, Images and Photos
The Office
as said before I heart Jim and Pam.
I can't wait to see their bundle o joy.
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The Biggest Loser
I always am inspired to no end after watching this show.
It's a great motivation.
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What's on your TIVO?


Stef said...

biggest Loser, DCC making the team, housewives of whatever county is on at the time, 18 kids and counting, and anything on food network or HGTV. It sounds like I watch a lot of TV but I really don't. Oh and I can't forget RRRW challenge the Ruins. Ok I;m sone now!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

HUGE Office fans, although, we feel like, sadly, they've lost their touch... we'll see how the next few episodes pan out :)

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