Why this is going to be a good week...

Our car is broken :( we aren't sure what's wrong with it exactly.... but instead of pissing and moaning over it, I'm going to reflect on the good things that have happened lately... and then start off this week on a positive foot.

My sister in law gave us a GC for Cody's birthday, I got him a shirt with MR. T on it...pics coming soon, so with the left over money I ordered myself this one!
I've been collecting crazy socks lately, but not the ones that don't go very high...
yes I want them up to my knees!
Thank you Shopko for having your TV stands on sale! FINALLY! Our new tv has been sitting on an end table for 5 months. This looks WAAAAAY better.
Cody sleeps so funny....it's 9:00 right now, and he's still asleep...every once in a while he lets me get a really really good nights rest. Thank you son.
BOO! I am outta Diet Soda.......booo hoooo....sniff sniff...anyone want to bring me some?
LOOK! I found this on our front door step! It's from our neighbors!!! I always bake for them...and by always I mean like 3 times a week, I don't want anything in return, I just need the calories away from my hands and mouth. But isn't this cute? How thoughtful!
I remembered that I can suck my upper lip into my nose...as seen here..don't be jealous!
Cleavland 5/09-10/09 RIP,
and ps you sucked, thanks for NO tomatoes...
just kidding....mostly....
I finally made cute cupcakes! I was proud.
These are keylime cupcakes,
I'll post the recipe on mmmmmmmmmmmmfood soon enough.
I made this for Cody's party. How cute right!?
I also am staying positive with the car breaking down because if I can't go anywhere, I can't spend our money at Joann's.....I've been banned from there for the time being (yeah no joke). Cody's party is this weekend and I can't wait.
How is your week going to be? Anything exciting planned??


Walker Family said...

I am the first to give you a high five today! Suzi, I miss you. I wish we could live next door and hang out in our pjs and bake while our boys played.

P.S. I would totally buy your more soda if you lived next door and we baked in our pjs.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Love the head band. I won't one, it looks so darn cute. Your cupcakes look awesome too. Never thought about putting the sprinkles around the edge. I love JoAnn's too, I can do a lot of damage there fast. Here they are having a midnight madness sale and I can't wait.

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