Letters to Random...

Dear Bella Swan,
You did a MUCH BETTER job in New Moon than you did in Twilight and I thank you for that. But please note...if you can't make up your mind between Jacob and Edward...I'll do it for you.....(Even though we all know you choose Edward in the end)
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Dear Jacob,
I think you are quite sexy...especially for jail bait. You may come to me now that Bella is done using you as a friend. I would hold your hand at the movie theatres with NO SHAME...that is all.
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Dear Craft Show,
Please hurry up and get here, I'm up to 9 hats and my wrists are dying...
Dear Kourtney,
Thank you for coming over and making sure I didn't screw up making Cody's pillow case. And all of your sewing help...and for hemming my jeans....your the best.
Dear Self,
Please learn how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich without buring it.
Were you born in a freaking barn??
Get with it.
Dear Replacement-phone-I-bought-back-in-april,
Your camera has been broken since the day I bought you which I was P.O.ed about. Thank you for working...but really not because I am replacing you in 5 days. Peace out.

Dear Dirt Devil Vacuum,
I wish I meant that in a literal way.
You are worthless. Not completely but just about.

Dear Kristi,
by letting me use your Dyson I will never be satisfied with mine. Feb is only 2 months away! YAY! You also have saved my life with sewing tips and a being the bestest buddy ever.
Thank you dear.

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Dear limited edition candy cane oreos,
yes..you guessed it
Dear Santa,
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I still could really use a new laptop.
I'm not asking for much, just one that didn't roam with Dino's. Just sayin......



KPost said...

Dear Suzi,
I've not yet hemmed your jeans so I hope you will still be thanking me when I do :) Oh, and you're great.
ever so sincerely,

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that to my grilled cheese sandwiches.... Ü

Brynne said...


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I have a dirt devil and really hate it also. I used a friends dyson and fell in love. I really want one bad.

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