Trying to catch up

Today is the day. We are taking "camera" back to COSTCO to see if they can exchange it....seeing as how it was under warranty...even if my box of brownies smashed it to pieces. As soon as she's fixed, I'm sure you'll hear from me more. Here are a few of the pics I have from the last few days... (in RANDOM order)

I hate having a messy house. Mess= me being a beee-otch til it's cleaned. BUT I am willing to let if slide this time seeing as how we had a great time in Boise for Thanksgiving.
My oldest brother Travis got engaged!! This is Monica, does anyone else think she looks a little bit like Amy Smart?
Kristen gave me this apron for Christmas! The funny part about it is I gave her an apron for her birthday on the same day. Her's is poka dot with purple ruffles.

Mom's birthday painting.....which was started in August...I am ashamed....
Craft Show hats! I have 15!
This one was finished, but then I ate it before pics were taken...my first latis top!
Cody's Christmas present in the making......
And lastly I got to spend some time with Megan this morning. She was our babysitter from way back in the day. If you are thinking we look a lot alike....we do. I've always considered her a long lost sister.
Teaching Cody to bump fists...or we call it "booms".
Wheh....I do have more pics being emailed to me from over the Thanksgiving holiday I will post asap.....til we meet again....Goodbye my Looooooooooooooooooooove......MARY!


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I need to get back into making scarfs. I love the apron. I am making some of those also but not as cute.

Liz and Grant said...

hey, can I get your email adress,I'm paranoid about posting our real adress on the blog (because we're soo cool and I'm sure ther adresse are millions of stalkers just waiting to know where we live ;)

Brittany said...

Hopefully your camera will be fixed soon!

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