You're my favorite

I as well as my friend Kourtney have a hard time picking my favorite things. If you asked me favorite song, I might start to sweat. I like so many...why should I have to be nailed down to just one? It's not like a husband! She did a list called her Top 5 Inatimate Objects. They couldn't have any real sentimental or spiritual value. Thinking about what I would choose for 2 days. Here is what I came up with.....


I WISH mine was this color!
mixer Pictures, Images and Photos
She looks more like this, but I use her a good 3-5 times a week. Love you.
Standing Mixer Pictures, Images and Photos
I take pictures every single day, I would go crazy without this. And my blog would get boring.
digital camera Pictures, Images and Photos

I just bought a new burts bee's. I have one in the car, bathroom, nightstand, purse, Kevin's pocket....I need it always.
burts bees Pictures, Images and Photos
chapstick Pictures, Images and Photos


I will never go back, okay I might have to since they cost more than gold per oz.
This isn't my car, but I would like it. SANTA are you listening? Our's was broken down for 2 weeks, I had a few friends drive me around, but being able to come and go as you please is a luxury. I get stir crazy.
2009 Tahoe Hybrid Pictures, Images and Photos


KPost said...

I love your favorites list! Maybe one day we will be able to name our favorite songs too! It's all about baby steps, right? :)

Good choice on the Burt's Bees too - could there really be anything better than Burt's?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I have the EXACT same mixer and I LOVE it!!!

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