If you wandered in my mind..

You would be LOST! I am so insanely random and often just start saying whatever I was thinking.....thinking the person next to me could hear my thoughts the whole time. Kevin has gotten used to this after 5 years of being together, which is nice. He does it to me sometimes now! Wheh. I am not alone. Here are a few of the things on my mind...
my house is clean. I just wanted proof.
I've been making and selling more ear warmers...if you want one....you know who to call..
After taking down xmas decor...above our cabinents looked really plain. So I spruced them up.
The green matching is a coincidence. Seriously. I kinda laughed about it. I love greeen.

I bruise like a stinking banana! I barely bumped my knee...and I have 3 others on my shins.
Modeling with my amazing bedhead. Hmmm..
11 weeks pregnant...so this was a week ago. I feel my waist is just getting thicker.
My new years resolution was to floss more. I do it like 3 times a week now, compared to never.
Kevin I want this for Valentines day.
If Barry Manilow is so dang rich...why can't he have a better hair do? ROADKILL.
Same with you trump! "Looks like something that got killed crossing the highway!"
OR I would take this for Valentines day.
Bit o Honey is delish. I eat about 2 pieces a day...don't judge! I also ate choc covered prets!!

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I never floss my teeth... can we still be friends? :)

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