Hey did you hear? Shawn Johnson moved into the apartment next to us! For real! I only know because she practices her floor routines at night, but luckily not every night. Usually it's round off back 3 backhandsprings......then a full! Wow, great work neighbor boys! Not quite sure what you are doing over there on your weekends but it has got to stop before 5 am.
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Also, this weekend you did your traditional and always classy drunk dialing on your porch, which is really sweet of you, seeing as how quiet you are. I don't happen to hear every word while lying in bed. So I put together a little surprise for you!

Our trash for the next 4 months will pile out on our balcony! It stinks too! That way when you go out to drunk dial, you'll have something nice to smell....don't thank me!
Thank Cody's sweet smelling dypies!
Ahhh New Cannon camera. How I love thee, and not in the same tone that I love the neighbors.
Your image quality will never ever cease to amaze me. Oh! And thank you Jaime for the berret.
I bit the bullet. Yes I did. I have been a professional hair care only gal for about 5 years now, and in order to save us money this month.....I caved and bought herbal essences. Which is okay, seeing as how it smells amazing, and the conditioner works like butter, I mean that in good way.
Also, our southern friend Tyler gave us his peach cobbler recipe this weekend.....whehh........ that is all I have to say about it. Freaking yummy. If you want it please leave a comment.
I'll get it to you.
And that is what Suzi is up to lately.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I'm sorry that your neighbors are so awful :( Apartment living must be hard - you should buy a house!
Your camera is SUPER cute! I like it!

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