Pictures...there ya happy?

These are from the last week. We took back our Kodak camera because quite frankly...it was shottty. Especially for it replacing our old nice one. We bought a Cannon and LOVE it. I want to tuck it in bed everynight. It is rocking my world.

Cody and I playing some innocent Mr. Potatoe Head.

I was caught stuffing my face with popcorn.
Mr. HANDSOME! Thank you Kristen.
My Bath and Body works wallflower was letting out too much scent which was making me SICK. So I unplugged it and put it upright on the table.....which was shaken later by Cody and spilled oil out. Now...I have stain missing from my table. Awesome.
Kourtney was brave enough to let me color her hair...
This is after.....I was impressed with myself.....What!? I wasn't 'trained' in hair color.
My friend had this sweet headband/ear warmer on. I wanted it. So instead of buying..
I made my own.
Also made rice krispie treats with coco pebbles INSTEAD of rice krispies.
I babysat another kid this week......his diaper changes were leaving me vommiting in the sink.
This was the best remedy I could manage. It worked pretty well.
STILL there is nothing like another kids poop to mix with morning sickness. GAG.

And there you have it.


Mama Corleone said...

Um, love it! Love the poopey-protector mask, love the coco treats (we make those too), love Cody! Dang he's adorable. Can't wait for numero dos.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I seriously LOVE Cody's little suit!! Where in the world did you get that?? I want one!!! AND I'm totally going to try that new Rice Krispies treat recipe. YUM!

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