Warning: picture overload

I won't even lie to you. It took me like 40 minutes to load alllll of these pictures. Due to me forgetting how sloooooooooooow our laptop can be. Kevin's work laptop is jet fast, but is 100% not blog friendly....either way...the posts must go on!

We went up to Cd'a for Christmas! From the 24th-2nd of January. Loooong vacation. Loved it.

My hair had not been colored in 3 whole months...
I looked pretty nasty...I am ashamed....
Ahhhh much better.
DOCKSIDE is one of our main hangout while in town.
At least at night for treats.
Jaime came to visit us!
She left town the same day as us...only she was going to BYU-I.
Yay James.
One of Kevin favorite presents.
I wish I could say I made it, I only provided the fleece.
Although Kristi made it, I wrote out Kevin......what would she do without me?? HA!
It would have made a sweet sleeping bag for Code.
Oh sure sure the only pic we took at Hudson's war blurry...
thank you brand new camera. You'd better not let me down!
Did you hear what happened to our old one??
Act right...
Cody enjoyed some Chocolate pie.
Also Kenton's cowboy boots....
and pretty much Kenton in general.
I got to see Tawni! We were cheerleaders together in HS.
So we busted out a cheer....good times....
I even got Cody to wear a hat!
He is apparently alergic...not really just hates them that bad.
we saw Sarah and Tasha and brand new baby Charlie!
I call him "The Grand CHA-HEE"
Cody stinkin looooooooved him.
I have more family pics to post, and some from our trip to SKATE PLAZA.
Stay tuned!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Yay! I love all the pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!!! That stocking rocks! I may have to make one for Shawn next year! Great idea :)

mrsmonje said...

I freaking love skate plaza!! Looks like you all had a great time, I want to go back now!!

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